YouTube videos on selected topics
from the history of architecture

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History of architecture

As already mentioned on my homepage, one of my favorite themes has always been the history of architecture. Since I've had enough time recently to get back to focus on my job and my love for architectural history, I started making videos and to upload them to YouTube. Here you always will find a current selection of them. Picture credits and a compilation of all my videos on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/OttLanzarote

All videos with English subtitles!

Baroque (3) Ways and spaces

Actually I wanted to make a video about the baroque architecture in southern Germany, but I noticed that this topic is even larger, so the title of this video is: "Ways and spaces of the Baroque" and it describes the ways in which the baroque came from Rome to Central Europe!

Baroque (2) Dome constructions

Not exclusively applicable to Baroque churches, but very useful for studying them, this short video with explanations of the most important dome constructions. Also and especially with regard to a new, planned video with the theme of baroque architecture in southern Germany!

Baroque (1) churches in Rome

Baroque churches in Rome with a focus on Borromini and Bernini. The baroque in particular always has been one of my favorite research topics, the following video is the first part of a series of videos on the Baroque theme.

Secrets of Gothic Cathedrals

I discovered my love for Gothic cathedrals in the Santa María del Mar cathedral in Barcelona. In the intro of this video I claim that I will tell you least three, but probably four, secrets about Gothic cathedrals you've never heard of, let's see...

Early Christian and Byzantine churches

Early Christian and Byzantine Churches and their Influence on the Italian Renaissance. The first christian churches that were built in ancient Rome, and their successors in Byzantium, in Constantinople, today's Istanbul, and in what way this architecture influenced the beginning Renaissance in Italy.